Starbucks – 14th Street, Columbia Heights

29 07 2007



3107 14th Street NW (just north of the Columbia Heights Metro)

Washington DC 20010

(202) 232-2670

The good:

  • It’s Starbucks; if you like their coffee and other drinks, then you’re all set.
  • The staff at this particular Starbucks has been consistantly friendly during each of my visits.
  • They have never gotten my drink wrong.
  • The staff does not get all upset if I order my drink “wrong” (i.e. “small”, instead of “grande”); in fact, I was told that it doesn’t really matter at all how I order it; they only use the fancy names when they call it out.
  • One of the girls that works there remembers my name and what I like. How’s that for service?
  • It seems like every time I am in there, they are giving out free samples of something!

The not so good:

  • It is always FREEZING in there. I just want to sit and read the paper while drinking my coffee. But it’s never that “comfortable” temperature.

  • The food, such as the sandwiches, are not all that good. This is especially true of the refrigerated type food. The food that they heat up, such as the bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches are just “ok.”

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the Metro escalators

16 07 2007

Why are my hands all black?

You’ve got to love the Metro escalators. When they’re working. Which is sometimes.


The good:

  • Sometimes the escalators work. To be fair, many times they work.

The bad:

  • Sometimes the escalators do not work. Sometimes it’s a long walk up.
  • Nine times out of ten I wind up with black grease on my fingers from the escalator handrails. Whether they’re working or not. Gross.

Mayorga Coffee – Tivoli Theater

16 07 2007

I’ve been in Mayorga a few times, but it’s time to write about it.

Mayorga coffee is located at 3303 14th Street NW, Washington DC near the old Tivoli Theater. Pictures of this specific location can be found on Mayorga’s Website.

You can get to Mayorga Coffee by taking the green/yellow Metro lines to the Columbia Heights Metro stop, then walk two blocks north on 14th street.

My pictures:

My drink


One of the sitting areas –


Outlets under almost every seat downstairs!


The good:

  • Excellent Coffee. I had a Frozen Caramel Latte, and they make it to order. No premade mix that they just stick in a blender.
  • Had a blueberry muffin for breakfast. Large, tasty.
  • Free wi-fi
  • Power outlets everywhere for you to plug in your laptop.
  • Amazing, cozy atmosphere.
  • Large flat screen if you’re into just sitting and watching the tube while you relax and eat.

The bad:

  • They ran out of butter. No butter on my muffin.

Pollo Campero

6 07 2007


The peanut and I dined here yesterday. 14th street near the Columbia Heights Metro.

The good:

  • clean
  • fast
  • friendly
  • tasty

The bad:

  • The clerk at the counter asked if I wanted a balloon for peanut. I said no! (the peanut didn’t notice.) Later, after we had just sat down with our meal, another employee brought a balloon over to us! Nice gesture, but once peanut had the balloon, she had no desire to eat.

Air & Space, McDonald’s, the Metro, Duck Boats, Shopping, Taxicabs

6 07 2007

Now that my daughter is here with me, I’m seeing DC in a whole different light. Little things that I may not have even noticed before now are the determining factors on whether or not things go smoothly for us.

Here are my thumbs up and thumbs down of DC (just from the past two days.)

Smithsonian Air & Space Museum

Even though it’s not a hands on kind of museum, there are enough airplanes and spacecraft to keep young eyes wandering and young minds engaged. Free. Clean. Air Conditioned. Easy Metro access.

McDonald’s @ the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum

This McDonald’s is unlike any other I’ve been to. There are lanes. You choose a lane and order. Then you move further down the lane, and you pay. By the time you get to the end of the lane, your food is ready and waiting for you. Plenty of seating, clean, and with glass walls and ceiling, there is plenty of light.

the Metro

Clean. Cheap. Kids under 5 are free. Elevators at most stations, and when the escalators are working and we choose to use them, it’s exciting for the peanut. Oh yeah, and what kid doesn’t like trains?

DC Duckboat tours

I wanted to take her on a Duck Boat tour today. I went on the website, but every time I tried to click through to purchase tickets, the page would come up as not found. Ok, so I found a phone number and called. The woman recommended going to Union Station right the the duckboat counter. I explained that I’d hate to go all that way to find out it was sold out, but she said they never sold out. Peanut and I get to Union Station, and they are sold out for today. Ok fine. I’ll buy tickets for tomorrow. No such luck, they don’t sell them in advance. Thumbs down because website was down, and it’s inconvenient to trek halfway across the city with a 3 1/2 year old to find out that they are sold out.

McDonald’s @ Union Station

No clear lines, so you have to figure out where you’re supposed to be. I ordered a cheeseburger happy meal for peanut with milk and apples (instead of fries.) They give me an empty cup for her drink. I have to fight my way back over and ask for milk. We get to our seat. I open up her happy meal. Fries. I have to go back and get apples. Then I go to the machine to get my soda. It’s flat. I proceed to try the other two machines. Both flat as well.


Why can I not find a place to purchase a small umbrella stroller in this city? There are no Targets, WalMarts, etc. in the city. I call every conceivable store I can think of at Pentagon City that I think would have them. Nothing. Is there a ToysRUs in DC? No. I probably spent an hour looking for something. I’m SURE there are small stores.. boutique stores.. something in this city that carries them. But where? Shouldn’t I just be able to Google it? (God I can’t wait until they finish the Target two blocks from me! One stop shopping!) Thumbs down because I think it should be easier to find these kinds of things.


How come I can’t find out anywhere rules on bringing children / toddlers in taxicabs? Can you just bring a 3 1/2 year old in a cab? Or do you need a car seat? How does this work? I looked on the taxicab commissioner’s website, and I couldn’t find anything. I looked on the DC tourism site, and couldn’t find anything. This is a thumbs down not because I don’t know the answer to the question, but because I think it should be easier to find the answer to this question.

Those are some of the things on my mind today. If you have comments, feel free to leave. Especially if you have tips/tricks for living in DC with a 3 1/2 year old!

DC Reviews

6 07 2007

I have another blog, startingtoday, and I’ve noticed that in a few posts I’ve sort of reviewed and gave my opinion on certain places in DC that I’ve visited. I’ve decided that I want to keep that other blog more personal, so on this blog, I’ll write my comments and opinions on different places I’ve visited, and things I’ve done in DC. Enjoy. Feel free to comment!