The Heights; Columbia Heights, Washington DC

4 09 2007


Metro: Columbia Heights, 14th Street North Exit. Walk north one block.






The Good:


  • The Eggs Benedict had Hollandaise sauce that was perfect; just the right amount of lemon flavor.
  • The bacon was thick, tasty, and crisp.
  • The French Toast had thick slices with a cinnamon pecan maple syrup.
  • Nice outside seating
  • Gorgeous interior
  • Good service; attentive waiter

The bad:


  • None

Needs Improvement:


  • Menu – Looked like great food on the menu, however, needs a bigger selection
  • Outside tables – Our table was made for four, however, with four of us sitting there, there was hardly enough room for 4 plates, condiments, drinks, etc.
  • No children’s choices.Special thanks to Wes285 for letting me know that The Heights DOES have a children’s menu. Just ask for it!


Price: $$



Overall Rating:


3 Monuments

Good. You won’t worship it, but you won’t hate it either.



Colonel Brooks’ Tavern – Brookland

14 08 2007

Had THE BEST Bleu Cheese Burger in my life this weekend at Colonel Brooks’.

And I didn’t take a picture of it. But here’s the menu.

I’ve never been to this area of DC; never had a reason to, but I did some volunteer work there over the weekend, and a group of us ate here.

The neighborhood varies from block to block, and this tavern seem to come out of nowhere.

The good:

  • Great atmosphere. Real “pub” kind of feel. Reminded me of places I’ve been in England.
  • THE BEST bleu cheese burger I’ve ever had in my life. I’d love to know where they get their bleu cheese.
  • The waitress was very patient with 6 of us trying to split the bill between cash and various credit cards
  • Inexpensive

The bad:


  • Can’t think of any negatives

Colonel Brooks’ Tavern – 901 Monroe St NE(202) 529-4002


Overall Rating:

3 Monuments

Good. You won’t worship it, but you won’t hate it either.

Loeb’s – The Perfect New York Deli Restaurant

13 08 2007

Went to Loeb’s for Lunch last week, and have mixed feelings about it.

Here are pictures from lunch:


BLT on Marble Rye

Sort of Apple Pie

Initial Impression:

Long line.

The good:

  • The food was cheap
  • We were able to find a place to sit
  • The food was decent. My BLT was just that. Nothing lacking. But nothing special.

The Bad:

  • Very long line
  • They don’t accept credit cards (except Amex), but they have no problem pointing you to an ATM right inside the restaurant. Rather than paying a fee to a merchant account, they’ll get a few bucks out of you for using their ATM.
  • Apple pie was gross.

Loeb’s – The Perfect New York Deli Restaurant – 832 15th St. N.W.(202) 371-1150 – McPherson Metro



Overall Rating:

2 Monuments

Fair…If you have nowhere else to go.

La Tomate – Dupont Circle

13 08 2007

Had lunch at La Tomate –


Shrimp Caesar Salad (Insalata Caesar con Gamberi Grigliati) – $12.95

The Good:

  • Nice atmosphere
  • Prompt and attentive waitstaff
  • Excellent salad – the seasoned shrimp was hot off the grill, and they were huge.

The not so good (I won’t say bad here, because nothing was bad):

  • It took quite some time before we received our order (salads). This I was able to fairly easily forgive – I was pleased they didn’t just throw some cold shrimp on top of the salad.

La Tomate  – 1701 Connecticut Ave. NW – 202-667-5506

Starbucks – 14th Street, Columbia Heights

29 07 2007



3107 14th Street NW (just north of the Columbia Heights Metro)

Washington DC 20010

(202) 232-2670

The good:

  • It’s Starbucks; if you like their coffee and other drinks, then you’re all set.
  • The staff at this particular Starbucks has been consistantly friendly during each of my visits.
  • They have never gotten my drink wrong.
  • The staff does not get all upset if I order my drink “wrong” (i.e. “small”, instead of “grande”); in fact, I was told that it doesn’t really matter at all how I order it; they only use the fancy names when they call it out.
  • One of the girls that works there remembers my name and what I like. How’s that for service?
  • It seems like every time I am in there, they are giving out free samples of something!

The not so good:

  • It is always FREEZING in there. I just want to sit and read the paper while drinking my coffee. But it’s never that “comfortable” temperature.

  • The food, such as the sandwiches, are not all that good. This is especially true of the refrigerated type food. The food that they heat up, such as the bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches are just “ok.”

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Mayorga Coffee – Tivoli Theater

16 07 2007

I’ve been in Mayorga a few times, but it’s time to write about it.

Mayorga coffee is located at 3303 14th Street NW, Washington DC near the old Tivoli Theater. Pictures of this specific location can be found on Mayorga’s Website.

You can get to Mayorga Coffee by taking the green/yellow Metro lines to the Columbia Heights Metro stop, then walk two blocks north on 14th street.

My pictures:

My drink


One of the sitting areas –


Outlets under almost every seat downstairs!


The good:

  • Excellent Coffee. I had a Frozen Caramel Latte, and they make it to order. No premade mix that they just stick in a blender.
  • Had a blueberry muffin for breakfast. Large, tasty.
  • Free wi-fi
  • Power outlets everywhere for you to plug in your laptop.
  • Amazing, cozy atmosphere.
  • Large flat screen if you’re into just sitting and watching the tube while you relax and eat.

The bad:

  • They ran out of butter. No butter on my muffin.

Pollo Campero

6 07 2007


The peanut and I dined here yesterday. 14th street near the Columbia Heights Metro.

The good:

  • clean
  • fast
  • friendly
  • tasty

The bad:

  • The clerk at the counter asked if I wanted a balloon for peanut. I said no! (the peanut didn’t notice.) Later, after we had just sat down with our meal, another employee brought a balloon over to us! Nice gesture, but once peanut had the balloon, she had no desire to eat.