Colonel Brooks’ Tavern – Brookland

14 08 2007

Had THE BEST Bleu Cheese Burger in my life this weekend at Colonel Brooks’.

And I didn’t take a picture of it. But here’s the menu.

I’ve never been to this area of DC; never had a reason to, but I did some volunteer work there over the weekend, and a group of us ate here.

The neighborhood varies from block to block, and this tavern seem to come out of nowhere.

The good:

  • Great atmosphere. Real “pub” kind of feel. Reminded me of places I’ve been in England.
  • THE BEST bleu cheese burger I’ve ever had in my life. I’d love to know where they get their bleu cheese.
  • The waitress was very patient with 6 of us trying to split the bill between cash and various credit cards
  • Inexpensive

The bad:


  • Can’t think of any negatives

Colonel Brooks’ Tavern – 901 Monroe St NE(202) 529-4002


Overall Rating:

3 Monuments

Good. You won’t worship it, but you won’t hate it either.




One response

1 02 2008

since i went to cua, i spent many years at this place, involving many many nights…
the food is good and the atmosphere is about as homey as a tavern can get.
i don’t get there but once a year or so lately, but a few months back, we made the pilgrimage and were told that due to property taxes (went from about $5,000 to $40,000 in the last 5 years), they’re selling.
the whole block up to Brooks will be bulldozed for condos in 18 months (or i guess 15 months now), and they’re turning Brooks, which is technically a historical building so they can’t tear it down, into some sort of lame-o chain restaurant.
way to go DC.

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